The Humane Society of Louisiana


Who We Are & What We Do

We serve Tangipahoa and Livingston parishes by conducting animal cruelty investigations, animal rescues and rehabilitation, pet adoptions, and when possible, assistance with spay/neuter services.

We provide critically needed services to abused, neglected, and abandoned animals in a humane and compassionate manner. All animals accepted into our shelter are first quarantined, and receive immediate veterinary care. We then provide the animals with a safe, clean, and nurturing environment so they can heal, regain their strength, and ultimately find new, loving homes. All rescued animals remain in our care until they are adopted, or placed with other pre-screened, no-kill specialty breed rescue groups. For those few animals that are unable to be adopted, we provide a permanent sanctuary, giving them the same humane and compassionate care we give to all our rescues. (Please note: As much as we would love to help every animal in need of a home, we simply do not have the means to accept every homeless animal from the public on demand.) For a list of our adoptable animals, please go to:

We also provide comprehensive animal cruelty investigations, by working with local authorities to both file charges and prosecute animal abusers. We have trained and qualified volunteers who serve as expert witnesses in animal cruelty prosecutions.
To report suspected animal cruelty or neglect in Tangipahoa or Livingston Parish, please contact Mr. Randy Stegall at: 985-351-0181, 985-634-2562, or 225-414-0059.

How We Do It
We are an all-volunteer animal rescue. We rely 100% on donations from the concerned members of our community to provide services and shelter to animals in need. All funds raised in our community are used to care for and protect the animals in our community.

What We Need
Regular (and one-time) donations from caring individuals and businesses to help cover the expenses of veterinary care, food and shelter for the animals, as well as expenses incurred to conduct animal cruelty investigations.

We also need, and would greatly appreciate, donations of the following items:

*Puppy & Kitten Food

*Dog & Cat Food

*Dog and Cat Beds, Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, & Toys

*Igloo Dog Houses

*Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowls

Future Plans
There is a tremendous need for educational programs in our community (for both adults and children) on the topics of humane treatment of all animals, pet overpopulation, and responsible pet ownership. We are currently seeking appropriate training programs for our volunteer staff on these important issues, so we can offer a variety of educational programs to our community.

We would love to facilitate bringing a low-cost spay/neuter mobile unit to the rural areas of our community to help with pet overpopulation.

Contact Information
Chapter President Randy Stegall can be reached by phone at: 985-351-0181, 985-634-2562, or 225-414-0059; or by email at:

Mail Contributions To:

Humane Society of LA-Tangipahoa Chapter
P.O. Box 1743
Ponchatoula, LA 70454


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